4 juin 2019

Wood is a very essential resource in our lives. It is used as an energy resource, as a source of air conditioning, for luxury chalet for sale in france, our furniture … We can find different types of wood, each of them being classified according to the type, as well as of its properties. Some models are more resistant to climate or humidity without any change that affects their quality.



This other type of wood is considered one of the most expensive. It comes directly from the tree of the genus Santalum; It is a medium-sized tree from which we obtain a kind of wood with a very characteristic elegance. In addition, this type of wood also gives us a sweet scent that can stand the test of time.



This wood has the distinction of having a very light weight and a pale color. It also comes with a little aromatic resin, which will give an incredible aroma.


African black wood

It is a very expensive option for the wood industry. It is found in parts of Africa, particularly in southern Africa. It can be used for many things.



Bocote is the type of wood extracted from a plant called Acme, among which can be found more than 300 species in the world. He has a very beautiful design associated with nature. It is usually a wood used in the manufacture of furniture, because of its impeccable appearance and its characteristic elegance.


Ebony wood

A type of very thick wood that can easily sink into the sea. Its surface is flat and beautiful, in addition to being very soft.


Lignum Vitae

It comes from a tree that grows very slowly, so that the wood obtained is very popular. It can even be used to make skincare products, cricket balls and a variety of products.

It has a dark brown color that seems to have been painted. It is usually an expensive wood, but it is widely used around the world.



One of the most expensive woods that can be found in the world. It is extracted from a tree called Dalbergia, as well as from different shrubs. We can find it in scattered parts of the world such as South Asia or South America.



It can be found in large forests and is not recommended for use near rivers as it may accumulate moisture. It is with him that are built the most luxurious furniture in the world; For this reason, it is also a very expensive wood.


Purple heart

And we end up with this type of wood extracted directly from the Peltogeyne tree that is found only in South America and in some central forests where it often rains. It is very attractive. It changes color from dark brown to purple, making it the perfect option for decorating rooms or homes in general.





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